Point of Sale gone crazy?

Tesco Brownhills… Is there a promotion at all?
Tesco Brownhills - Excessive Point of Sale?

Tesco Brownhills - Excessive Point of Sale?

I was walking down the health and beauty aisle in a certain local supermarket ( Tesco Brownhills ) and had to shield my eyes from the glowing yellowness of the fixture captured in the above photo.

As I approached it…. little did I know that I was going to walk into the world of “aggressive” advertising. It was pretty hard to walk past without noticing it…. especially with the lights reflecting of the shiny surfaces of the “talkers”….. like landing lights at Heathrow! I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the eye-catching display, which I guess had successfully completed it’s intended purpose and grabbed my attention…. by blinding me & confusing me in the process.

I found it was promotion overload and my brain couldn’t figure out which promotion was for which flavour / brand of baby food. Was it 4 for £3.00  or  5 for £3.00  or  6 for £3.00  or even  7 for £3.00 and which products were for which promotion? I ended up totally confused. I’m pretty sure there were more “talkers” than actual labels underneath. Maybe that was the clever strategy though…. to actually send me into a world of confusion so that I would buy just about anything! I haven’t even got a baby and I nearly ended up walking away with a couple of jars of blended sheppards pie!

Tesco Brownhills - Excessive Point of Sale?

Tesco Brownhills - Different angle.... same result! Attention grabbing and a world of confusion.

I feel sorry for the staff members who had to place the point of sale on the shelf…. or was it actually their mistake that caused the fixture to transform into a shrine of promotional talkers. Just imagine the time, cost and productivity involved to create such a wonderful & colourful arrangement.

I know one thing though… profits are down and shares have fallen (After execs have sold their’s first.)  Oh dear….!