Highfield House and Farm, Going… going but not gone yet!

Side View of Highfield House

High Field House, known now as Highfield House was built in 1878. It currently sits on Pool Road, Chasewater near Brownhills, but for how long is anyone’s guess as its days have looked numbered in recent years with planning permissions to demolish the property and build a new 3 bedroom detached dwelling and triple car garage.

Location here: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&so…06845&t=h&z=18

This video was created by wez2957 and I would like to give him a round of applause for his work.

The above video was discovered whilst surfing youtube for Brownhills so I thought I might as well put it in the blog incase anyone hasn’t been to the location of Highfield House. It shows the current state of the derelict premises although I can still here that dog that used to bark every time I walked past on my way to Chasewater. Spooky indeed!

I was in the area recently and wanted to take a few photographs for posterity because I know how quickly things change… although this certain location isn’t changing that fast. I have discovered another planning application to Lichfield District Council that looks successful after the previous application (Ref: 10/00872/FUL) was withdrawn. The new reference is 11/00672/FUL and can be located here. The architect plans and surveyors report can be found there too.

Maybe the new plan may have something to do with the Great Crested Newt Survey commissioned by the Mr P Haynes and Miss N Buckler. The PDF which is very… very detailed and I haven’t got the time to read every page but it can be located here if you are looking for any detailed information about the site. Plenty of photographs at the end of the report.

Rear view of Highfield House

Front View of Highfield House

Courtesy of Ordnance Survey Maps.

 I was looking to start a collection of photographs, videos and information for all the local derelict / demolished sites such as the one above. I am really interested in history of the area and wish to create a large collection for future generations. My next site I will be visiting will be the old Pig Farm near Clayhanger. I’m struggling to find old photographs of what it used to be like before it fell into disrepair and eventual demolished state. Is there anybody out there with old photographs or fairly old such as 80’s or 90’s?