Apple Mac Keyboard # hashtag – where is it?

Where is the Hashtag on my Apple Mac keyboard?

I know this is slightly off topic from my normal posts relating to the Brownhills area but I’m diversifying today and want to offer my assistance relating to the common question facing Apple Mac users who Twitter a lot…. “Where the hell is the # hashtag key?

It’s really annoying that many Apple keyboards don’t have a # hashtag. I find this to be especially annoying when you tweet a lot and wish to emphasize or tag your post with a # hash tag using a Mac. I always forget the two keys to obtain it and always… always result with a visit to Google to discover the answer.

I’ve got a Macbook laptop and will never return to using anything other than an Apple. I’ve been converted many years ago and will preach to the unconverted Windows users until doomsday arrives. Anyway, here is the answer to the question… press the “Alt” key and “3” key at the same time and hey presto… the elusive # hashtag appears.


Many Thanks for finding my blog and I do hope, I have solved your hash tag problem!