Highfield House…. Gone!!!

Going… Going… GONE!!!

It was only last week when I posted on my blog, the sad state of Highfield House & Farm. I now have the sad job to inform you all that it has now been demolished.

I am quite relieved that I managed to get a few last photo’s before it was pulled down. Good timing or just luck with the last photo’s… I do not know, but I do hope that I am not the secret harbinger of destruction. I aim to take plenty more photographs in future of various local items and hopefully they will continue to stand for many years to come!

Clouds of doom... looming over Highfield House. The countdown has begun!

The original Brownhills Blogger… BrownhillsBob brought this news of the recent activity at the location to myself. He has visited the site since the demolition and has obtained photo’s along with writing a comprehensive post. Please visit his site if you are interested in this post. His post is titled Highfield House Demolished.


***** UPDATE *****

New photographs taken on 05th March 2012 by Brownhills Barry, from Pool Road, Near Chasewater and A5 road, Brownhills.

Highfield House near Chasewater, Brownhills has now been demolished. Sign on the fence states the obvious.

Highfield House near Chasewater, Brownhills has now been demolished. Photo taken from Pool Road - 05/03/12