Brownhills School Spring Concert!

Tickets still available!

Brownhills School Logo - The famous Brownhills Clock

I have been very politely asked to promote the latest concert to take place at the Brownhills School. I used to be a student myself a long time ago now and I felt obliged to help out by giving it some promotion on my blog to try and make you aware of the information (Times, date, prices etc.)

I am not sure on the correct name of the school as it stands right now… I believe it is “Brownhills School” or “Brownhills CTC”  but I will always fondly remember  it as “The Comp” or “Brownhills Comp” and I’m sure many people in the Brownhills community will do the same.

I was never actually involved in the concerts myself when I attended the school but I always enjoyed watching them as a spectator… especially the Christmas concerts. A few of my friends were involved and always appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves whilst taking part in the productions. How many of the “Old Skool” staff still remain to this present day I am not sure but I’m guessing most of them must have reached the well deserved retirement age by now. I will always have fond memories of Mr Nunn (before his breakdown) and Miss Ferguson in the Music classes plus at the several concerts too. Mr Nunn always waved his arms frantically from side to side and up & down. I used to believe he thought, he was conducting the orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall during the Proms. So many good memories of the school. I may write a post in the near future with a few of your stories & memories (Including photos too if you still have any!) for you all to share & enjoy.

As you can see from the above poster. The Spring Concert takes place on Thursday 29th March 2012 at 07:30pm. The location is inside the Lecture Theatre at the school. I think the price of £3.50 for a ticket is a real bargain! Especially considering the quality of the concert and the effort of both the students and staff, put into the production… out of their own time too!

Please support the production and purchase a ticket. It really is a good way to spend a spring evening! If you’re an ex student like myself or parents of students or have no connection with the school whatsoever then I urge you to go and take a look for yourselves. The school & students needs the support of the local community and it would be such a shame for the students to sing their hearts out to just a few faces in the crowd instead of what could be potentially a fully packed audience. It’s a great atmosphere, fun & friendly, with everyone there to listen to the music and enjoy the experience.

Brownhills School Lecture Theatre - Location of Spring Concert - View from the stage looking towards the audience seating area.

How times have changed! The above image shows you the current lecture theatre at the school, where the Spring Concert will take place. It looks completely different from the old green pvc / leather seats that I had to spend many hours on, sitting my GCSE‘s.

The below excerpt is from a promotional document for the Spring Concert and contains all the necessary information required. for you to attend.

Brownhills School takes pride in providing the community with annual school productions & regular concerts. After the success of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ 2011 and Brownhills Schools Christmas Concert 2010 which was received with standing ovations our Brownhills Spring Concert 2012 is set to be a success.
Brownhills School has a strong ethos of working together and school productions not only feature students but staff also.
There will be:
Brownhills School V.I.P (Voices in Partnership)
Vocal Solos
Seussical the Musical’ Cast
Chamber Choir
Original Bands
An event you do not want to miss out on.
To avoid disappointment be sure to purchase your tickets in advance.
Ticket prices are £3.50 and available from Brownhills School Student Services.
29th March. 7.30 pm.

Incase you need the address of the school for your Sat-Nav, here it is;

Brownhills School, Deakin Avenue, Brownhills, Walsall, WS8 7JG.  Tel: 01543 452 886  or you can visit the school website at further information.

There has also been a Facebook Group created for further information and it has a list of users who will be attending from the website. The Facebook Group can be located via this link!

Get your tickets now before they are SOLD OUT! Please support the school and help promote the concert by telling your friends and family of the details… or even better, why don’t you bring them along with you on the 29th!