Brownhills West Poopetrators; Bag that Poo… Any Rubbish Bin Will Do!

Poopetrators Beware!!!

There appears to be a serious issue amongst the residents over in the West of Brownhills that is plaguing their community and causing havoc along the pavements and play areas.

I have been contacted by Emma, who is one of my regular followers to this blog. She has brought it to my attention that there is dog poop everywhere in Brownhills West.  I feel that this concern should be highlighted to the readers of my blog and to the Brownhills Community. There is real concern amongst the residents as their children run the risk of coming into contact with the dog faeces whilst playing on the grassed areas and having to play hopscotch to avoid the poop covered pavements.

The “poopetrators”  should be aware of the consequences of not scooping your dogs poop! Dog owners could face a £50 fixed penalty fine, if they do not clean up or alternatively may be prosecuted through the Magistrates’ Court, where the maximum fine is £1000!!!

There are more than 500 parks and open spaces that grace the Walsall Borough and there’s nothing like stepping in unscooped poop to squish the fun out of your afternoon! With these parks filled with kids, you can imagine the potential run-ins between piles of poop and unsuspecting tots.

The issues facing the residents who suffer this problem in their area are;  Who reports them? How are they tracked? By the time the “Pooping Police” shows up, they are long gone! If only it takes practicing responsibility and courtesy; we wouldn’t have a problem!

I have always believed that instead of taking one or two bags for each dog, “Dogsters” should take along a bag for every 15 minutes they think will be going to be walking for. It only takes a minute to scoop the poop. There are plenty of rubbish bins to dispose of the feaces. Is it just plain laziness or sheer stupidity that you don’t clean up after your dog???

The image above shows the main row of shops in Brownhills West, along the infamous Shannon Drive. You can clearly see a number of children and parents walking along the pavements. No doubt, they have to tread very carefully to avoid the problem poop! The following excerpt below is from the Walsall Council Dog Control page on their website.

Dog Control

There’s no such thing as the dog poo fairy – that’s the message from Walsall Council who are encouraging dog owners to clean up after their pooches.

The Council has joined forces with Keep Britain Tidy to clamp down on irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their pets.

Keep Britain Tidy’s research shows that increasing amounts of bagged dog faeces are being left behind as people fail to dispose of their bags after cleaning up after their pets.

To tackle this problem, Keep Britain Tidy has launched a national dog fouling campaign to encourage irresponsible dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Dog Wardens have been putting up signs and posters around the borough to urge dog owners to behave responsibly and bin their dog’s litter.

Dog Poo Fairy

The campaign features posters with the message ‘There’s no such thing as the Dog Poo Fairy’, and is displayed on bus stops and billboards across the borough.

Keep Britain Tidy has launched a nationwide campaign to rid the streets of dog mess and a recent survey revealed that four out of five dog owners are not aware that dog mess can be thrown in the general litter bin.

Walsall Council officers are working to clamp down on the problem of dog fouling in the borough and are reminding dog owners that a person may be issued with a £50 fixed penalty fine, if they do not clean up or alternatively may be prosecuted through the Magistrates’ Court, where the maximum fine is £1000.

Councillor Zahid Ali, cabinet member for communities and partnerships at Walsall Council, said: “We are backing the Keep Britain Tidy campaign which aims to raise awareness that any litter bin can be used to dispose of dog mess.

“In recent years, there has been a growing problem of dog waste bags found hanging on trees, on railings or stuffed in hedges. It would appear that some dog owners are picking up their dog’s mess but are then simply dumping the bags.

“This is not acceptable. There are litter bins dotted throughout the borough and it is easy for dog owners to dispose of it responsibly.”

Foul Play

Dog waste bags are easily carried and readily available from most pet stores and vets. Plastic carrier bags also have the added advantage of being re-used for the same purpose. Dog waste wrapped in this way can be disposed of in any ordinary litter bin or taken home and placed with normal household waste.

The campaign, now in its tenth year, promotes responsible dog ownership and the message that it is every dog owner’s duty to clean up after their dog.

If you are aware of offenders causing a particular problem in your neighbourhood you can contact the Dog Warden Service on 01922 652210 or at, they will then investigate and take appropriate action to prevent the recurrence of the problems.

Contact Us

Public Safety
Challenge Building
Hatherton Road
Telephone 01922 652210


The following images have been taken from the very useful Google Earth (Street View) and I would highly recommend that everyone uses this service along with the Microsoft Bing Maps which are just as effective!

Brownhills West - Cherwell Drive - Courtesy of Google Maps (Street View).

Brownhills West - Cherwell Drive - Courtesy of Google Maps (Street View).

The above highlighted area clearly shows several pieces of poop that are right in the middle of the walkway through the gate. You would have to be pretty lucky indeed to avoid stepping in this if you were not looking where you were placing your feet as you walk!

Brownhills West - Cherwell Drive - Courtesy of Google Maps (Street View).

Brownhills West - Cherwell Drive - Courtesy of Google Maps (Street View).

As you can see from the above images from Google Maps (Street View), there are plenty of grassed areas, whereby children use it as recreational ground, especially in this surprising recent March heatwave. The downside of this, is that dogs also love the grassed areas too! Plenty of smells for their noses to sniff out. This is absolutely fine… just as long as the owners scoop the poop afterwards to prevent possible diseases spreading to the children in the area.

Hopefully, this post will have highlighted the current issue faced by the community to some of the Poopetrators who should feel guilty next time they fail to scoop the poop!

Poopetrators Beware!!! Brownhillls Barry is now on the case!