Assassin’s now advertising in Tesco? Every Little Helps!

It would appear that Tesco are open to the idea of helping the public in every way possible! I stumbled upon the above image whilst searching for an Assassin named Ezio! I thought it was worthy of sharing amongst my followers who know just how much I love an opportunity to write about Tesco.

I wonder how many clubcard points you get for hiring him?

Maybe the hitman should have googled his profession before deciding to advertise his services within Tesco. If he had done so, then he would have discovered the website – “ - A specialist services website for all your needs.

So there you go… a dedicated website for all the assassins out there to advertise their services and avoid the awkward conversation with the Tesco employee. I must add, I do not know the location within the Tesco empire, this advert was displayed. If anyone does know, please leave a comment with the relevant information.