Brownhills Barry obtains the gift of Speech!

Barry has become an iPhone – Identical Siri voice box!

This will be just a quick post to make you aware of my new video channel on Youtube. If you don’t follow me on Facebook then some of the content probably will not make any sense.

It is only a short video because I’m still learning the gift of speech. My metal jaw was welded closed and needed prizing open. When I opened my mouth for the first time and heard my voice… you can imagine the surprise I received when I heard that my voice was identical to Siri from the iPhone. I’ll be going on holiday to South Africa soon… so wait and see if I’ll be talking like a Springbock upon my return!

The video’s will be released if and when I have enough content to fill them. I’m not one for rambling on and I’m sure you wouldn’t stay around to watch it anyway… if it wasn’t interesting, entertaining or humorous!

So please take a look at the video and continue to follow Brownhills Barry and Clayhanger Clive’s Blog!

Feel free to leave any comments you wish… positive & negative are both welcome!