No dignity left on Facebook?

Featherheeled members reveal there exhibitionist side!

Instantly recognisable Facebook Logo! The big give away is the fact that is spells Facebook!

Facebook… Facebook… Facebook! Is it a useful too to have in your social armoury… or is it the place where some “pensioners” choose to reveal themselves to their friends and family as secret exhibitionists (Only after they’ve become intoxicated of course!)

Not everything is funny nor should it be posted on Facebook or any other Social site! People… where has your dignity and self-respect gone?

As you can probably tell, I’ve encountered such an issue on Facebook along with most of the sane population of this modern world.

Firstly, there are certain individuals on Facebook who probably have more photo albums on their profile than the renowned photographer Lord Lichfield (R.I.P)  from what I can gather! The images contained within the 90 or so albums, always seem to offer very little in terms of variety! Drunken parties… drunken nights out… drunken holidays… drunken god damn everything! Well I’m only guessing they are drunk from the state of the individual who is always doing some crazy exhibitionist thing, given their age (Maybe 60 to 70?)  if they are not drunk then perhaps they should be!

There are some images that even look remarkably similar to a swingers party or something from a 70’s adult film (Some of them are old enough to be stars from that era!) I believe that when you reach a certain age, no matter how intoxicated you become, you should act in an appropriate way that reflects your age plus physical appearance! If you’ve got it then flaunt it… but if you don’t have it then don’t embarrass yourself by pretending that you do! Especially given the fact you are probably the oldest person there and should know better. It’s no wonder that the binge drinking culture has engulfed the nation when a small proportion of parents lead by example and set the standard of self-respect so very low. Dignity doesn’t cost anything!

It’s pretty simple, just don’t post anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t put on a billboard in you hometown and where you work!!! And, I sure do hope your friends and relatives do the same.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention the hundreds and hundreds of baby photos that Facebook members insist on sharing with the world! Same baby, same pose, same angle, same location… different clothes! Just one photo would suffice and then keep the rest for yourself!!!

This post is aimed directly at the majority of people who fall foul of the “old skool” Facebook etiquette. I remember the good old Facebook when it was first introduced into American Universities. But unfortunately it has now evolved into a Social media monster whereby any random idiot can post whatever he or she likes. Especially the loud-mouth ali, as of certain individuals who should basically shut the hell up! Boring… boring… boring! I have no time for people who act above their station.

Now I can tell exactly who will give me the thumbs down for this post… the exact people I am referring to, that thinks everyone else cares that much about them that they feel compelled to post every stupid thing about their lives and what they ate for dinner! Little hint… post only relevant stuff!

Personally, I don’t use Facebook myself… instead I randomly call one of my friends and say “I’m eating a tuna sandwhich, loving it!” and then hang up!!!

Sometimes, I do tend to refer to Facebook as Facecrook; The place where young girls get to show their slutty sides! Where couples cheat and then divorce! Where people post horrible pics of you! Where people bully you! Where creeps and perverts stalk you! And so on… and so on!

Other than the 30 seconds it takes to find out what old friends or mates from school are up to nowadays, Facebook is the biggest waste of time ever invented!

At one time, I was really impressed with things like Twitter and Facebook, but as time goes by, I realize that these things are the harbingers of a society devoid of actual human contact. Sooner or later the action of people actually meeting and speaking with each other will be more rare than someone posting on Facecrook or Tweeting.

As you will have probably ascertained by now, I’m certainly not addicted to Facebook!  But the question is… are you? Well you know you are a Facebook addict when you go to eat your dinner and realize all the dishes, glasses and silverware are by your computer! You know you are a Facebook addict when someone asks to borrow your hand held device to make a call and you have a hard time of letting it go! You know you are a Facebook addict when you try to friend the four walls in your room and get cold sweats and suicidal thoughts when the walls don’t respond! If you have to tell every single detail of your life to others – you are a sociopath with a narcissistic personality disorder!!!

Here’s another one for you… the relationship status of “It’s complicated” is also a massive annoyance! It’s not complicated at all people! If your relationship is so damned complicated that you have to identify it as such on your Facebook profile, get the hell off Facebook and go fix your relationship!!!

And if you’re posting pictures so that family and friends far away can see, you need to be decent and take the time to make a list of just the people who should see the images and make the album private so your entire friend list doesn’t see it! Common sense and courtesy go a long… long way!

Finally… Facebook does have a very useful feature called “settings” that you can use to deal with a few of the issues you may face (i.e Block, Un-friend, De-activate). Perhaps you should look into it!

So there you go… “Add me” as a friend on Facebook! ;-D