Brownhills Barry… the miner can finally see!

Barry now has eyes and teeth! Whatever’s next???

Brownhills Barry has now been provided with the gift of sight along with a fine set of gnashes in the process and can now see everything that happens in Brownhills. He has also visited WS1 to pose for a “snazzy” background for his video. Lucky Barry!

Some people have commented upon the recent good fortune of Barry and have declared his videos as creepy and weird. Yes… I can’t disagree with you there, when you are not used to seeing him move, talk and look at you I suppose that could be a little scary to you but he’s just a poor, lonely miner trying to publicise and promote Brownhills…. it’s current news & events, ongoing issues and rich cultural history contained within the local area. He has already become an icon of the recent history for Brownhills. We need some positives in this town and promote it any way we can, instead of sitting at home, unemployed watching Jeremy Kyle or even starring in it (The tattooed skull face chap!) or causing people to be intimidated as they walk down the high street at night (Mouthy youths who act tough hanging around Subway!)

Anyway, stay tuned for the next video – S1E3… coming soon!