Pelsall Common Bridge Ghost!

Pelsall Common Bridge - Have you had a Ghostly experience?

I have recently taken a few Sunday walks in the Pelsall Common area and the canal (Wyrley & Essington). On my walk last week… I felt a strange sensation as I approached the bridge in the photograph above. It’s called the Pelsall Common Bridge and is one of several spanning the Cannock Extension part of the canal. I can only describe the strange feeling as eerie but surreal too. I would say the atmospherics were absolutely calm. Absolutely no sound, no wind… just nothing at all. This feeling that I experienced only occurred in the area surrounding the bridge and about 30 feet either side of it.

When I left the area and proceeded along the towpath, I could hear the birds and feel the wind again. It was as if time had stopped for a few moments during my passage by the bridge. I don’t normally have any view of the supernatural as I have never had any personal experience. I believe my experience on this occasion may have just been down to natural coincidences. Or was it??? I decided to Google the bridge for any other experiences like mine and to my surprise… I found the excerpt below from the Pelsall History Website.

The Pelsall Common Bridge Mystery

Pelsall Common Bridge
This strange experience takes place some twenty three years ago in 1985 but has a twist in the tale which brings it right up to date. It is related as follows:-
‘After working an early morning shift I returned home and at about two o’clock set out with my dog for an afternoon walk along the canal. We crossed the Iron Bridge walked under Friar Bridge, heading towards Little Wyrley. About forty yards away from Pelsall Common Bridge someone looked out at me from under the bridge and then instantly ducked back in again and out of sight. I was startled and a little alarmed as the appearance of the person seemed odd and out of date with the present time period. After the initial shock I reasoned that it must be someone up to mischief and I prepared myself for some sort of prank. Seconds later when I reached the bridge there was no sign of anyone, not under the bridge , on it, or anywhere near to it, or in the distance in any direction. I listened for sounds but heard nothing, it was as if the person had vanished into thin air. The dog I had with me had a habit of standing still and looking in a certain direction if anyone was approaching, sometimes it could be five minutes or more before someone came into sight, but the dog always knew when someone was about, yet on this occasion she showed no such awareness as if no one was anywhere around. I abandoned the walk and returned home, telling my wife of the experience. I reasoned that it must have been someone gaming about but deep down I had an uneasy feeling knowing I had seen something very strange.
Some twenty three years passed after this event and in January of 2008 I was talking to an elderly man from Pelsall who knows the canal area very well, we got talking about the old Ironworks and the Cracker. I mentioned how as a young boy I had heard several Ghost Stories about the Cracker which I no longer remembered and asked him if he remembered any , he replied that he didn’t but said that something very strange had happened to him a couple of years ago which he could not explain. Imagine my surprise when he then went on to relate how he had been walking towards Pelsall Common Bridge and someone had looked at him and then quickly ducked back under the bridge again out of sight. When he got to the bridge there was no one to be seen anywhere, he too had his dog with him and the dog showed no signs of being aware of anyone around.The experience had left him feeling shocked
Both of us have walked that stretch of canal many times over the years yet only once have each of us seen this unexplained sight. Does it only happen once a year or once every so many years? It would be interesting to know if anyone else has had this experience’

The Pelsall History Website is a very detailed site for anyone who lives in Pelsall or has an interest in the history of the area. There is even a dedicated page to Ghosts in  Pelsall. Here are the list of Ghostly experiences on the website; The Nest Common Spectre, A Mischievous Presence, Norbury Avenue Mystery, The Grey Lady, The Old Miner. I would suggest that you take a look if you are interested in Pelsall and the supernatural.

OS Map - Location of Pelsall Common Bridge.

As a result of discovering the ghostly past experiences involving the bridge, I decided to return to the location and capture a few images (See below) of the bridge for this post. I was a little apprehensive about returning to the bridge after reading the above experience of the two gentlemen. I was half expecting someone to jump out on me as a prank or even worse, see the ghostly figure as I approached the bridge! Sadly none of the above happened. I didn’t even experience the same feeling as I did a few weeks ago. It was just the same bridge as the several others that I had gone underneath to reach this one.

Pelsall Common Bridge - Old sign still in the centre of the structure.

Pelsall Common Bridge - No ghostly apperitions recorded... today!

Pelsall Common Bridge - View; direction of Wyrley Common & Green Bridge.

Pelsall Common Bridge - View; direction of Pelsall Junction.

I have thought about visiting the bridge during the darkest hours of the night, just to see if anything happens. But at the moment, I still have a few other topics to blog about first. When I do return to the bridge, I will keep you updated if I record anything or have another experience worth sharing. In the mean time, do you have any experiences of your own to share? Have you also encountered something strange that you cannot explain along the canal or common? Please contact me of you wish to share anything.