5 Dangers of Blogging!!!

I speak from personal experience when I say… “Please, please think before you post a new item on your blog!” I have experienced for myself the dangers of blogging and getting freedom of speech confused with defamation laws. There is a fine line that a few choice words could tip the balance either way.

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Several thousands of blogs are set up on a daily basis either for personal use, to make extra income from home or full time income. This is because blogs are easy to set up and maintain and come with benefits that can’t be found on a website.

Thanks to advances in technology, today one can voice their views and opinions in an easily accessible way at the convenience of their home or office. But like all good things, there are disadvantages associated with blogging if caution is not applied. 

People usually keep personal blogs to relieve themselves of the stress or burdens of the day. Even when this is therapeutic for some people, there are dangers in blogging this way since these bloggers usually hold nothing back.

If you are considering starting a personal blog, you should be very careful about what you discuss. There have been a lot of negative issues associated with personal blogging from cyberstalking, to losing the chance of securing a job after an interview and even getting fired.

Below are 5 big dangers that can come with blogging:

1. Cyberstalking

One of the common blogging dangers of keeping a personal blog is what is known as cyberstalking. People who keep personal blogs can never be too careful about the information they share.

Refrain from sharing personal information about your family or spouse, residential addresses of family members, place of work, etc. This is too much information to share with strangers!

Keep in mind that you could become a victim of cyberstalking for any number of reasons. Perhaps even for something as simple as the way you look or something you said. This is especially common with the females who keep personal blogs.

2. Failure to Secure a Job

If you’re someone seeking a job but have a personal blog you use as a diary and confessional booth where you say everything you feel and think, then you may want to be careful about what you do or don’t say. The information you publish on a blog can be easily accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

Future employers tend to do research about applicants they are considering for a job opportunity. If your name turns up along with incriminating information, it could ruin your chances of getting the job. Employers are taking more and more precautions not to employ someone who may reveal the issues of a company on a personal blog.

3. Defamation

Defamation can be described as a false statement or assumption that can cause harm and embarrassment to another person or party. Unless you want to be involved in a vicious and unending legal battle, it is always advisable that you verify all the sources of information you use to ensure you give credible information; information that can be backed up with tangible proof and evidence should it be required in a court of law.

Telling the truth is one thing, but proving it in a court of law is a different thing altogether. Before you click ‘post’ in your blog, ensure you keep this in mind.

4. Intellectual Property

Respect to intellectual property available online is equally very important. Intellectual property in this case can be in the form of videos, images, or text, which are protected by copyrights.

Never publish anything that you don’t have full legal rights to. Should you use anything that does not belong to you, always ensure you provide appropriate links and the right acknowledgement of the author.

5. Confidentiality

Never divulge private and confidential information on your weblog, whether you have tangible proof or not, and whether you post anonymously or not. For instance, never post information about your employer on social media or your blog.

You could unknowingly or knowingly be giving out information that your employer sees as very sensitive business secrets. Giving out such insider information can interfere with the competitive edge of your employer.

It goes without saying that a lawsuit could ensue. Statistics actually indicate that employers and small business owners file most internet-related lawsuits. Be sure to keep these 5 big dangers in mind the next time you post on your blog.

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