iComputer… Yes please Apple!!!

Here is a glimpse at the future… a wearable iDevice!

Wearable iDevice concept by Federico Ciccarese.

Hello to you all on this saturated but sunny summer Sunday evening!  This post is one for all the Apple enthusiasts and fanboys like myself. I’ve stumbled upon this concept design of a Wearable iDevice created by Federico Ciccarese. It is yet another breathtaking mockup of a futuristic Apple product, this time envisioning a wearable device that Apple was said to have been prototyping internally. I don’t know what you guys think but I’m hooked and cannot wait for the future to arrive if this is what Apple has stored up their long sleeve or stuffed into their deep… deep pockets!

Just imagine the possibilities that the iDevice could offer people! Porn on you wrist 24/7 for all those women who recently have discovered their hidden sexual fantasies in that 50 Shades of Grey book. I find that quite funny because all men have long thought that way but now women are coming round to our way of thinking and admitting that they like erotic books etc. in public too!!! (Well, almost… Facebook is what I meant!)

Come on Apple… let’s try this concept out sooner rather than later. I’m convinced it will be another smash hit and bring in the hard cash!



Image credits: Federico Ciccarese (ciccaresedesign.com)