Tesco Brownhills – Sign Of The Times… Part 2!!!

Brand new Tesco signage – High Street Walkthrough Ramp View (Tesco Brownhills Store – July 2012)

Well there it is… as mentioned in my previous post; Sign of the times, regarding the sad state of the Tesco Brownhills signage… I am very pleased to inform you all that it has now finally been replaced as part of the much needed revamp of the supermarket in Brownhills. Unfortunately, I have not been inside the store for quite some time now so haven’t been able to comment on the recent developments to the interior but Clayhanger Clive has driven down Brownhills High Street this weekend and noticed that the sign had been updated to the latest corporate signage. I’m sure you would all agree… how pleasant the sign looks! Clean… simple and does the job pretty well indeed! Well done Tesco and keep up the good work!!! 

Tesco Brownhills - High Street View

Previous Tesco Sign at Brownhills – High Street View – Feb 2012

New Tesco Sign at Brownhills – High Street View – July 2012

I’m sure there have been a lot of changes to the rest of the building both inside and out but unfortunately I do not have any photo’s to show you. Maybe if you work there or shop there… you could send me a few images and notes to go with them and I’ll happily post them on my Brownhills Blog!!!

Thank you to Clive for the photographs.

MrJeiTV… you were right, they were being changed soon! Have you got any other inside information about the future of the store or imminent developments???

Until next time,