Barry has a new address.


Hello to you all.

First of all, this information doesn’t change the way you access my Brownhills Blog. It is still in exactly the same location.

I am pleased to announce… I have finally saved enough pennies from the kind & generous passing visitors to what I like to call… Barry Island and I have now made the worthwhile investment. I’ve purchased a shorter and what I believe to be, a more professional website address. Don’t worry to those of you who have bookmarked my blog with the wordpress address of as this address will still work and will just take you to my new address of

Here is the snapshot of what my address looks like when surfing the web.

I know this isn’t really big news and I predict a few negative comments from the peasants but its my blog and my rules. If you don’t like what I do then why are you even reading this? Get off my blog and do your own if you think you have got what it takes!

To my dedicated followers… thank you for your comments and support.