Tesco Brownhills Refresh Photo’s!

I thought I would take a few minutes to show you all the current photo’s of the newly revamped Tesco Store in Brownhills. The collection of photo’s are of a mixed nature and show a variety of different periods of the building inside & out, during the refresh/re-fit/re-furb process, or whatever you would like to call it…. possibly a “makeover” is what is sticking on my tongue at the minute!!! I would like to thank Laura Taylor for notifying me of the Tesco Brownhills Facebook Group whereby these photo’s were captured from.

Unfortunately… the last time I visited this Tesco Store must be about… erm… I cannot actually remember but we are talking a few months at least! I still have not been able to pay a visit to the store as of yet… but I do plan to drop by and soon and experience the smell of fresh paint and newness before it disappears into the mysterious and mystical Brownhills abyss forever!

Images are courtesy of the Tesco Brownhills Facebook Group and also Laura Taylor.

Until next time…