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Just a quick little post to say thank you to; and what are you doing to; even though it would appear that the two sites are indeed linked and run by the same organisation/company/individual and the content generated on their websites is automatically captured from external sources such as my blog &  your blog and news sites etc.

Here is the statement at the bottom of the website:

The Staffie dynamically generates aggregated content from other external website feeds in date and time order.

The Staffie is not responsible for content displayed from external websites and any views expressed are not those of the Staffie.

If a feed is blank you may need to refresh this page in your browser.

Clearly you are all wondering what on earth am I blabbering on about this time. Well nothing of interest to anyone apart from myself really. I just wanted to say thank you to for including my earlier blog post titled Tracks into the past  and was curious as to why my post isn’t showing up on Previously, all of my posts on this blog have been picked up by regardless of whether the subject topic was about the local area or not. I think maybe my blog has been re-classified under a different location and has been moved over to 

Anyway, to thanks for all the visitors you’ve directed towards my site since it’s creation and to….. Hello, I’m Barry and very pleased to meet you!!! with Brownhills Barry’s latest post. without Brownhills Barry’s latest post.


Well… there you go! What a way to pass 5 minutes of your time that unfortunately you will never be able to get back again.

Until next time folks…