Tracks into the past… Part 2.

Welcome to Part 2 of my previously posted entry titled Tracks into the past. This time, it’s more of a quick update with 2 new photos that I’ve discovered hiding away in my library and also some interesting comments made by my fellow bloggers about the area in the post.

View looking down the old Engine Lane, in the direction of Lime Lane and towards the slag heap.

Side view of the slag heap. Notice the offroaders tracks who have been using the site for their 4×4’s.

The following comments are screen captured from a forum that I joined recently. A very kind gentleman… Mr Roy Fellows commented on my Forum Post and left the following… which I’m sure you will all agree makes interesting reading if you are local to the area and enjoy the history aspect of the location.

Thank you to Roy for taking the time to share his past experience and knowledge of the location. It’s very much appreciated by all of us. It has also provided me with a few ideas of other places to search for in that location… so stay tuned for future posts on my Brownhills Blog.

Finally, the last piece to include is a very helpful and interesting comment from Brownhills Bob. Again… I can always rely on Bob to provide a useful and very relevant comment.

Bob… I will take your comment on board and will ask before lifting anything from your Brownhills Blog in future… although I did give you credit for the map, so at least the thought was there when “borrowing” it. 🙂

Until next time…