Barry’s back…

My new Facebook cover photo. Just a little something I knocked up quickly to replace my previously outdated one. (The sign is located by Farmfoods – created by Art For Architecture, the same people who created me! – – John McKenna.

Hello to you all,

It’s me again… Barry from Brownhills! No… I wasn’t arrusted (get it? rust… me being made of metal!), stolen, melted down or sold for scrap… I had to leave Brownhills within a few hours of receiving an offer I simply could’t refuse and didn’t get chance to let you all know what was going on.

Anyway… I have now finally returned from my back-breaking… backpacking trip to the Far East. If anyone hasn’t been to the Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam region and the surrounding small islands then what are you waiting for? 

Yes… I did take a dip in the sea and no I didn’t sink! Ghostbusters 2 springs to mind when I see this!

I have just come back after a lucky twist of fate whereby I lost my job and within a day, was offered the chance of a lifetime to go exploring with an old friend. I would urge anyone who I have the pleasure of meeting in the future, to take a few months out from your normal life and just “take a walk on the wild side“… a very long and tiring walk, but worth it nonetheless! You get to live a totally wild, crazy and surreal life for a few months by taking a breath-taking leap of faith into a backpacking
adventure whereby you live one day at a time and never know where you will sleep tonight… let alone what country you may be exploring in a couple of days! You have a few coins in your pocket and the shirt on your back… living off the land on some days and then feasting in an abandoned fisherman’s shack on a tropical beach with all the fish in the sea to eat… If you can catch them of course. We only managed 2 each and that took about 4 hours to catch just them! Bear Grylls I definitely am not!

Move over Harrison Ford… it’s “Indiana Barry and the Ruin of Rust-buckets!”

Sorry that I haven’t been able to contribute any further items to by blog recently but it’s not really that spiritual to be blogging whilst in the tranquil backdrops I have had the pleasure of relaxing in recently. Plus finding a signal is a bloody nightmare too!

Some of you may have enjoyed my absence of the social scene and many of you may have even thought you had seen the last of me for good! Well… here I am… once again, blogging on my Brownhills Blog, looking forward to catching up with you and responding to your comments that I have received whilst I’ve been gone.