Mysterious market ‘spector

Following on from my previous post today, titled “Witches cackle heard at Brownhills Clinic” I have received a great response from my fellow Brownhillians, who all wanted to add their own nugget of information to the ghostly tales of Brownhills.

One in particular caught my attention because it came from a market trader who had a stall on the Brownhills market, that itself is now deceased and a long distant memory. Who remembers those fond memories from those days with the mobile butcher standing high, selling the prime cuts of beef from the fields of… Erm… Brownhills???

Anyway, it looks like the clinic ghost may have had some company across the way or indeed may be the very same ghost. The trader recalled how another fellow trader who was a genuine old boy… who himself had many years of market life behind him, was shaken to his very soul one early Saturday morning when he was preparing his stall. He told his tale to this trader who has never forgotten what he preached to him because he could never forget the fear in his eyes, when he was recalling his story about that day many years ago.

Brownhills Market in 2012 - Gone but not forgotten.

Brownhills Market in late 2012 – Gone… but… not forgotten!

Just after dawn, this trader saw a young woman wandering around the market area, in between the old steel frames of the stalls. These stalls were empty at the time and simply had the notorious weathered corrugated plastic roof panels waving around in the breeze. From the distance whereby the trader was standing to where the young woman was walking, it appeared to the trader that she was fairly normal with long brown shoulder length hair and described as curvaceous with a level of attractiveness that would satisfy every mans desires. She looked normal at this point apart from the fact that it was very early in the day and she was alone, just walking around without a purpose… But when she came closer to where the trader was setting up his stall for the day, he was startled to see her not actually walking towards him but she was in fact floating graciously. He described her movement similar to a balloon on a gentle wind, not rising or falling… just maintaining the same speed and height.

The trader was so shocked and horrified at what he was seeing that he dropped his load right onto his feet. When he looked up again, the woman had moved away to about 30 to 40 metres away in a matter of a few seconds, heading towards the church on Silver Street / Kirkside Grove. The young woman has slowly faded out of sight before actually reaching the church.

Apparently a few other traders have seen the young women too. A rumour amongst the traders is that of they truly believe the women was a customer who died suddenly with some unfinished business to take care of in the market.

Now the market has gone, has anyone seen this young woman? She would definitely stand out a lot more with the wide open space where the stalls once stood.