Witches cackle heard at Brownhills Clinic

Good afternoon to my fellow Brownhills people… I have been contacted recently by a newcomer to my Brownhills blog and they decided to enlighten me after reading about the Pelsall Common Bridge Ghost. This female reader, decided to tell me all about her very own paranormal experience of working at the old Brownhills Clinic that used to be situated on Pier Street, at the side of Tesco and the old Brownhills market.

Brownhills Clinic - Image No.1

The old Brownhills Clinic boarded & sitexed to prevent the Brownhills youths from further attacks on the building.
Image courtesy of BrownhillsBob

The female would like to remain anonymous at this moment in time due personal reasons… mainly the embarrassment of nobody believing her story and also not wanting her fellow professionals thinking she has lost the plot!

I used to work in the clinic from about 1988 to 1994. I don’t know how to begin to say to you what happened to me, on more than one occasion too, but the best way to describe it, would be to think of a stereotypical witches cackle that lasted for roughly 10 to 15 seconds. It was such a loud, spine tingling sensation that made every single hair on my body stand up and run away. I only ever heard the laughter very early in a morning when I first arrived and never when members of the public started to come in for the day. It emanated from the dental part of the building but could be heard throughout the entire building and it truly scared the bejesus out of me.

Still to this day I cannot forget the  initial shock and confusion of not being able to explain what I had heard. There was no explanation as to who could have been responsible. Most of the times, the clinic fell silent just before and just after the noise occurred. I didn’t notice any temperature drop or any other sign of paranormal activity. Looking back to my overall time at the clinic, I have fond, warm memories of helping & meeting the public, although my experience has made me very apprehensive about halloween and I struggle to watch any movies on my own, especially containing witches, so the Wizard of Oz is no longer in my VHS collection. I mentioned my experiences to my other colleagues just in a passing comment before I moved onto pastures new in 1994, like “Have you ever heard someone laughing like a witch? From the dental area of the building?” You can guess what their reply was, a big fat “No, nothing, why you ask?”

Brownhills Clinic 2012

Brownhills Clinic 2012 – Gone… but… not forgotten.

Many thanks to the female reader who shared her strange experience with us and hopefully she will be able to someday forget the noise that has haunted her since her time at the clinic. Also, many thanks to BrownhillsBob for the image of the clinic as it would appear that not many images are in existence of the clinic before that closure and subsequent arson attack.

If you are reading this and used to visit the clinic or know someone who worked there, have you heard of any similar strange activity being reported? The clinic is no longer with us and the site remains empty… gathering litter that has blown around in the wind .

Please feel free to share your own experiences of the clinic. What did you visit the clinic for? Any fond memories of the staff who assisted you? Does anyone have any photographs of the inside?

Until next time…