The Golden Arches of Fat Ron’s

Another day…. another disappointment in the service industry in Britain.

Yesterday, I took the rare decision to venture out of the “comfort” and “safety” of Brownhills and went to Rushall….. Yes I can just hear the sighs of disbelief, together with the shock, amongst those of you that know me!

Image - Courtesy of Chris Allen © Copyright

Image – Courtesy of Chris Allen © Copyright

I only took the risk to go there because I was desperate for a “Fat Ron’s”. I call it that light-hearted nickname obviously because eating too much take-away food all the time without a balanced diet or exercising will have an effect on your body mass… that is simple science.

Anyway, my taste buds had an unusual sensation circulating around them and they were making me crave for the famous Golden Arches of Maccy D’s! Even though each experience of entering a franchise, leaves me feeling both happy and sad along with very confused emotionally… I still keep returning. Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy and can’t find the time to cook or maybe their advertising has a positive reaction on my sub-consciousness. I have so many little niggles in life, but sometimes those niggles simply grow and grow and grow and grow, until finally they explode somewhere deep inside me and I have to somehow vent my anger by channeling it towards a receptive audience… hence the reason why you are currently reading my blog and wondering… “HAS BARRY LOST IT? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS TINMAN TALKING ABOUT!!!”

I always keep ignoring my last experience and keep returning, with the hope that this time, something would change and maybe someone can actually perform their roles & responsibilities to the same high level of expectation that I seek.

Anyway, here are my Top 5 pet hates about the fast-food industry around the world that I have encountered from my own personal experiences:-

1) Large fries carton but only medium sized portion.

2) Fries do not stand up straight like soldiers to attention, just like in the adverts.

3) Food rarely looks as perfect, as the one in the adverts! (Presentation is the key to success!)

4) Can’t think of a number 4.

5) No more Ronald or Hamburglar… where have they disappeared to?

Basically my experience yesterday involved me using the drive-through and ordering a cheeseburger and potato wedges (with sour cream dip). To cut a long story short, I did not receive my dip… which is the part of the order that swayed my decision to purchase the wedges! It’s not that hard to remember that the wedges are specifically advertised with the dip. As I was using the drive-through I was not prepared to park and enter the building as that would defy the whole purpose of using the drive-through, I’m not sure if I set my standards of expectation too high for myself or what, but, let me tell you… I certainly won’t be making that mistake again in the near future by not returning to complain.

Working in the service industry myself, would I pull a pint of lager and only fill the glass halfway? Just imagine the look on the customers face handing a half empty glass to them!!!

Do any of you have similar issues with the service industry in this country?