The Brownhills Boglin Bogologist!

Who remembers these “handpuppets from hell” from their childhood? Well, I am sure they are making a resurgence in Brownhills recently and hears the worrying part, they have grown arms and legs too! There are some undesirable characters I’ve seen in the high street… coming out of the jobcentre and straight into the bookies or into The Anchor. What a way to spend your day!!!
Boglins Lineup
The Boglins from Mattel were around when I was growing up… I think from the late 1980’s into early 1990’s. There were lot’s of new things floating during those years around such as POGS and Mighty Max etc but these Boglins stuck with me as they kind of remind me of the Gremlins films… which I still enjoy watching to this very day and can say i’m nearly reaching the 80+ for viewing count.

I believe the original background story of the Boglins were thus; they are crazy little creatures that us humans had eventually descended from, but a small minority had remained buried in bogland, preserved until the present day and un-evolved. From what I can remember, they were slimy little rubber hand puppets that looked like a large bogey with glow in the dark eyes, claw-like dinosaur hands and a tendency for biting my little sister’s arms. At first, there were three varieties of the original Boglins known as Plunk, Dwork & Flurp and you could achieve all kinds of facial expressions with hours of fun with your mates, long before the days of the internet, mobiles and modern day distractions.

Reverse of a Boglin Box

Reverse of a Boglin Box

For all you Bogologist’s out there, the reverse of a Boglin Box offers a wide variety of information to assist you in your endeavours to collect the creatures. Unfortunatley my Boglin escaped years ago and I am only left with a mini brown Boglin that slots onto my finger. I did have a totally glow in the dark mini finger Boglin but the creature disintergrated through too much use.

Do you have any memories or maybe still have a Boglin trapped in its cage? Share your thoughts with Barry… the  Brownhills Boglin Bogologist!!!