Where’s the hash key on a Mac keyboard?

Alt 3 Hashtag Mac

All you need to do is press the ‘alt’ and ’3′ keys together and as if by magic you have your #.

For anyone who is an avid Twitter user the # hash key is becoming an important character.

Simply pressing alt and 3 at the same time will insert a # hash symbol into your text in any application. This shortcut will work with all versions of Mac OS X whether you have a Macbook, Air or an iMac.

Mac Hash Key Keyboard

In most cases, Apple has taken the decision to replace this key with a symbol of the local currency. For instance, here in the UK a £ Pound Sterling sign is there… sitting right above the number 3 and in other European countries a € Euro sign has been substituted. Obviously in the USA they have space to place the # on the keyboard as the $ symbol is on the number 4 key, throughout all the Mac keyboard layouts… to my knowledge of course, unless someone can send me an image proving me wrong.

If you have visited my blog before, you may be aware that I have already covered this topic once before… see here! But the amount of visitors going to that page is far greater than I could of imagined and thus I feel the need to share the solution again as it would appear this problem is far greater than I first realised.

Many Thanks for finding my blog and I do hope, I have solved your hash tag problem!