Who still has one of these?

Dancing Coca Cola Coke Can

So how many of you remember these cool little vintage dudes? Infact how many of you Brownhillians have one of these stuffed away in the attic? They were the delightfully amusing 1980’s dancing coke can that reacted to the beats of music. From what I remember they were about 12cm tall and funky little movers. They fought off fierce competition on the dance floors from the lanky dancing sunflowers.

If you do still have one in your possession, you may consider dusting the cobwebs off and selling it as I’ve recently come across one at auction that sold for £65.00 Yes… you saw it correctly a whopping £65.00 for something that used to retail at £5.00 to £10.00

Trust me, it brings back so many good memories when you see this in your hand and start clapping to make it sway from side to side.