Pain like no other… “V” paper darts!


If you have ever been “buzzed” or “pinged” by one of these “harmless” paper darts / pellets then you know exactly what I mean when I say… “Holy shit… what the fuck was that! I think I’ve just been shot!” and then you check your body where it feels like a fire is burning on your skin and you see a very red V shape impact mark!

I was first a victim to this craze at secondary school and as soon as I had become an innocent victim, I turned into a vigilante hunter searching for scoundrels who had targeted me with these dangerous little darts created from a simple piece of rolled up paper. Although I may add… even though its paper, it still hurts like a piece of metal. I never knew paper could be so strong if rolled tight & small. Simply amazing!

I remember “experimenting” by firing all sorts of projectiles including paper clips but I would strongly advise against the use of drawing pins strategically placed in the paper pellet as I found out during an English lesson that I would never forget! Some clown in my class fired one of these special hornets at me at the little bitch got stuck in the back of my neck!!!

I must add that the paper clips were also lethal too as I cracked a window with one at home. My mother was not best pleased as you could imagine! I would stick with a good old fashioned paper dart pellet professionally created by yourself as this can do a lot of damage. I’ve managed to get some long distance on them and from a short distance they can punch a massive whole through a cardboard box. If you get a friend to hold a sheet of paper up, it can tear the page clean in half.

Paper dart pellet rubber band 2

Top Tips!

  • Wear a glove when firing so it doesn’t sting as it snaps your hand.
  • Fold a little more for more power! The smaller… the harder… the better!
  • If you want it to go very far, get more rubber bands and join them together. (Not more then 10 rubber bands it would get hard to shoot.)

*** Remember to always wear eye protection… otherwise you may suffer a similar fate as PJ from Byker Grove ***

Send me some of your designs or V imprints that you’ve suffered and I’ll post them on here.

Until next time…