Bry’s Brunchies… “Simply the best!” says Brownhills Barry

Brys Brunchies Snack Bar

Brys Brunchies Snack Bar (circa 2011) – Image courtesy of Google Streetview

“Simply the best!” – Those are the exact words spoken by myself when I described the taste of my cheeseburger to an inquisitive passerby a few weeks ago.

To some of you who have followed my blog from it’s creation at the beginning of 2012, you may be aware of the now infamous “Brownhills Sausage Sandwich Scandal” whereby I felt so let down as a customer to be motivated enough by the one experience to write a post, here on my Brownhills blog. Of course it wasn’t that simple and there was confusion surrounding the newly opened J-j’s cafe which I won’t go into today but I have recently paid two visits to the snack bar “Brys Brunchies” located down by the  Anglesey Sand Pit on Ogley Hay Road on the way to Chasetown. I felt the need to share my experiences with the rest of the Brownhillians on the net because it was a positive and delightful service that I received.

On my first venture across the A5, I decided upon a simple bacon sandwich. This was cooked to perfection. The sandwich was exactly what you would expect and just what the doctor ordered for an early morning wakeup. The service from the female staff was also very positive too. Nice and friendly… service with a smile too which is always a surprise in these modern times that we live in. The lady didn’t make me wait any longer than required and carefully created the sandwich promptly and efficiently. Everything appeared clean and tidy behind the counter which is always nice to see and makes me feel reassured the food will be clean and hygienic… as much as a bacon sandwich can be!

Brys Brunchies Snack Bar Image No2

Brys Brunchies Snack Bar (circa 2011) – Image courtesy of Google Streetview

My second experience was again very similar to my first. The only difference was my choice of order. The menu offers a pretty wide selection to choose from and consists of your typical roadside menu which is perfect, because that is exactly what it is. After much deliberation and looking at the time of day, I finally decided upon a good old fashioned cheeseburger. The same female staff member as my first encounter was present during this experience and served me with her delightful smile and warm manners. She sounded foreign, possibly eastern european but I’m no expert. She cooked me a fresh cheeseburger from scratch. None of these already cooked and sitting there for hours type of burgers that you get when you visit a market or car boot sale etc. I can be truthfully honest when I say it was “Simply the best!” cheeseburger I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I almost returned for a second one moments after the first one had settled but my stomach was full already from the first. It was a decent size burger, again perfectly created and not slapped together in a rush. The lady had taken time and effort to put some pride into her work. The one lasting memory that stands out is the neatly wrapped tin-foil with a delicately folded white napkin placed half inside the opening of the tin-foil. I have never experienced that before and just a small gesture like that makes all the difference in my books.

Brys Brunchies Snack Bar Image No3

Brys Brunchies Snack Bar (circa 2011) Looking towards the M6 Toll bridge, direction of Chasetown – Image courtesy of Google Streetview

I would recommend anyone in the area to visit the snack bar and try it for yourself. I have discovered that it is good value for money, with clean, hygienic equipment and staff who offer a smile and are worth their weight in gold. The biggest seller for me though is the delicious taste of the food. I have very high standards and they were met 100% on both of my visits.

I have “Googled” Bry’s Brunchies to locate the Lichfield District Council Inspection Report as I noticed the report or certificates from the report were on prominent display in the snack bar. From memory there were also links to the Ratemyplace website (Whereby Brys Brunchies has obtained a score of 5/5 which is exactly what I would ave expected and would have rated it myself if I was in that industry) You can visit the Ratemyplace website here and download a copy of the inspection report from their site. All of it confirms just what a good business Bry’s Brunchies is operating and hopefully will continue to for many years to come as nowhere else comes close to offering top quality snacks. You can follow Brys Brunchies on Facebook – Click Here!

So basically to sum up everything… Brys Brunchies is the best!!! Now go and find out for yourself. I recommend the cheeseburger and take notice of how pleasant the staff are. Hopefully you too will receive a perfectly wrapped burger in foil with the knapkin as described above! Such art is hard to find but I have found it.

Until next time…