Art For Architecture

Hello once again to all my fellow Brownhillians or Brownhillalights… depending on which category you fall into.

As you have probably already noticed, I’ve transformed yet again, this time into a loveable cartoon character (Look up and see the new blog header). My arms were aching holding the miners axe and lantern so I am now more comfortable with my arms dangling by my side after all these years.

I just wanted to bring to your attention, my lovely creator and his website. If you ever wondered how I came into this marvellous and mystical world then hop on over to his website whereby you can view images and a video of the actual creation and birth of myself.


Art For Architecture

John McKenna – Art For Architecture –


So there you go… a big round of applause to Mr John McKenna (and assistants) for the time, effort, wisdom, skill and sweat to create me and his crew for carefully piecing me together on the infamous Brownhills Island whereby I hope to remain a permeant fixture for centuries to come. You never know… one day I may be a popular tourist attraction for the folks of Brownhills, such as Lady Liberty is for New York and Sister Dora is for Walsall.


See you all soon,