iPhone 6 Plus A Big Hit Everywhere Except In Your Pants

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fashionweekphone7b Runways respond to techno-fashion crisis

The latest gadget has arrived on the scene, and everyone in the world has to have it. Unfortunately, technoistas have already come crashing down from their initial high as reality bites them in the butt.

The humongous new iPhone 6 Plus is too big to fit in anyone’s pocket.

“Woe is we, whatever will we do?” a frightened, fashion-forward populace is heard to cry.

Be not afraid!  The fashion world scrambled to address this sartorial crisis and help is on the way.  On Fashion Week runways from Milan to New York, designers merged style and substance as never before.

Here’s a sample of the ground-breaking looks being presented for the techno-groovy:

Note: “iPhone 6 too big for pockets” comment courtesy of Elyse at Fifty-four and A Half. I’m so glad I have clever friends to swipe ideas from.

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