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Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I’ll admit that a number of the recipes I have on here are either complex or have a million ingredients (often spices and or fresh veggies). To add a little simplicity, I decided to go the other route and find a four ingredient dish that you would all love.

I pulled up Google in my browser and search for: 4 ingredient recipe. Over 55 million hits were returned. Wow! Kinda big. I added quotes to the front and back of the phrase and it still returned 108 thousand. I cannot say this is for sure the best of the bunch but it was delicious and easy!

4-Ingredient Pizza Bake

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Cheesy…gooey…pizza. What’s not to love?Photo Dec 21, 11 14 43 AM

OK, there really was 5 ingredients but you could use water instead of milk and very few people call water an ingredient that you need to list!

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Make the dough and spread it out as best…

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