Ernie Hudson Penned A Heartbreaking Essay About His Original Role In ‘Ghostbusters’


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Ernie Hudson has had a respectable career since the release of Ghostbusters, including a sequel, video game, and possible third entry into the film series. He also had a major role on OZ, helping to kick off this current “golden age” of television with a violent bang while bringing a certain visibility to the show. He was in Ghostbusters, after all. Still, it would seem that Hudson has never truly gotten that big break and according to him, he’s still looking.

When you read his recent essay in the reunion issue of Entertainment Weekly, you get a little insight into the perils of acting. There’s a bit of a gamble that goes with it, complete with those soaring highs and crushing lows you can achieve with every bet. For Hudson, Ghostbusters was that gamble, that chance at stardom:

I look back on Ghostbusters in a…

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