Like a Whisper it Came

Pen and Ink

We ran through the trees hand in hand; laughing, running, playing in the leaves, rolling down hills, and giggling with reckless abandon.

The water was clear as crystal, mirroring the world above; where we were we could see the whole world, mirrored in a reflection just for us.

The water prickled at my skin but the sun touched my face. Your hair looked like seaweed and your eyes like the reflection in the water just when the sun hits it and sprinkles little drops of light upon it.

The fire was warm but you were warmer. You held me tight in your arms and we told of stories, roasting marshmallows and sipping hot cocoa in the cold night.

It came from the bushes, the noise in the night. Like a whisper it came, quick and sharp, it whipped you in the face. Your blood felt warm and I cried for…

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