Want to see what happens when you squeeze a 20-year-old spot?


Warning: This is vile

If the video above looks familiar, it’s probably because a) you have an unhealthy predilection for poking, pulling and pressing your (and other people’s) pimples and therefore b) you saw it being employed as an example of poor spot-popping technique in our recent – and very educational – blemish-based article.

Those of you who have seen the video, which has nearly 800,000 YouTube views and has become a cult classic on the spot-popping fetish scene (sort of like the Quadrophenia of the zit-squeezing world), will, of course, have been craving answers.

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/29/spot-popping-fetishists-take-note-this-is-how-to-attack-a-pimple-properly-4926969/” title=”Spot-popping fetishists, take note: THIS is how to attack a pimple properly”]

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Who is this man? What part of the body even is this? How can one small spot produce such a staggering volume of pus?

Finally, the film’s reclusive leading man has revealed all.

(Picture: Andy Peppers) The…

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