Here’s What ‘Dark Knight’ Director Christopher Nolan Thinks Of Ben Affleck Playing Batman

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square-thumbnail Photo Credit: Zac Snyder/Instagram

Christopher Nolan is rooting for you, Ben!

Touching on everything from subconscious mind play to his upcoming projects, visionary director Christopher Nolan got candid with The Daily Beastabout his thoughts on a certain batty caped crusader he’s helped bring to life on the big screen.

As the man at the helm of the Batman saga for the past 10 years, Nolan has brought us Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises (all starring Christian Bale). Now, he’s giving up the director’s chair to Zack Snyder for the highly (highly-highly) anticipated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice premiering in 2016.

But although he has loosened his reigns on the production, The Daily Beast found out that Nolan was still influential in the decision to cast Ben Affleck as Gotham’s newest savior.

“I’m only involved in that project in an advisory capacity as…

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