Experimenting with food and tequila

Turn the Paige

It was around 7 p.m. when I came home from school today. I would have gotten home earlier, except I was stuck in traffic. Toronto drivers forget how to drive when there’s a heavy snowfall.

I was getting hungry and I didn’t feel like eating chicken for another meal, so I decided to finally use the shrimp that had been stored in the freezer.
I looked up recipes and decided on Tequila Shrimp, since I already had some tequila. Why not? It’s a Wednesday.

I started with a bit of coconut oil and sprinkled some garlic powder in the pan. Using regular garlic is recommended. I tossed half a cup of baby shrimp into the pan and sprinkled in some Caribbean jerk seasoning and some Mrs. Dash. Then I poured half a shot or so of Sauza tequila on top and enjoyed hearing the seared sound. I’m not a…

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