‘Ghostbusters’ Quotes For When You Need To Remind Everyone How You Do Things Downtown


Ghostbusters main

Many comedy films live in the moment, and as time goes on the jokes and premises become dated. However such is not the case with Ghostbusters — which celebrated its 30th anniversary a few months back. Ghostbusters remains one of the most truly funny and lasting comedy films around, which would explain why there’s so much interest in doing an all-female reboot in the near future. Until that happens here I’ve gathered all the Ghostbusters quotes you know you’re still repeating.

“We’re ready to believe you.” — The Ghostbusters

Everyday use: When you want to believe.

“Don’t cross the streams.” — Egon Spengler

Everyday use: When no one knows how to do the job.

“Alright, this chick is toast!” — Peter Venkman

Everyday use: When you’re preparing for battle.

“Back off man, I’m a scientist.” — Peter Venkman

Everyday use: When no one can tell you how to do your…

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