Remembering Harold Ramis

The Annual

The Following was the Editorial Letter published in The Annual #008

RamisGrowing up, comedy was a forbidden fruit in my house. Not to say that laughter was forbidden—jokes were fine. It was the movies you had to watch out for—heaven forbid someone make light of sex! But for as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by comedy, even when I lacked a basic understanding the whole thing. I was eight years old when my mom decided I was old enough watch Ghostbusters (fast-forwarding through the scene where Dan Aykroyd gets a supernatural blowjob, of course). At this point, I was so entrenched in the theories that surrounded the supernatural and too young to get half of the jokes that I had interpreted Ghostbusters to be a serious dramatic film. But I loved it. I watched it over and over. I watched it when my parents weren’t home, and…

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