Chasewater Railway and Lake.

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This morning Mrs Blog had me take her to Chasewater Railway, so that she could book us up to take the Great Grandchildren on the Santa Express (alright not really an express, more of a slow boat to the other side of the Lake). However, if this years journey is as good as last years. Then a good ride will be had by all. What I like is that all barriers are taken down and complete strangers get into conversation, and enjoy the experience.

Anyway here are the pictures I could take this morning, really good with very few people around, mind the weather was not that good !

Telephone Box Telephone Box



Not a nice day, dull raining, wet and foggy, however you can see what the area outside is like, smart and clean!


Two pictures of the nice cafe.


Booking roomWP_20141126_013WP_20141126_012

Mens toilet, as you can see well kept.



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