So This Is Christmas

Kimberly O'Neill - Writer

I LOVE Christmas time!! And it has nothing to do with religious, pagan or even astrological beliefs. I love Christmas because of what has come to be associated with it, in other words, a time where there is supposed to be peace and harmony and love for everyone. Where we put aside our differences and share and give thanks.

This is what makes us human.

The corporate mass media has taken this from us and twisted it into a schizophrenic bazaar of self-indulgence and greed and faith to the mighty dollar.

Christmas is not about who got what new gadget or toy or even what faith you practice. Christmas is about the spirit of love and life and goodwill to all.

This Christmas, take back that magical feeling you got as a child when the tree was lit up for the first time. How it made you feel when you…

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