Canal Walks and Trains


Canal Walks and Trains

Tipton, 1st December 2013 (8)

The canal that runs through Coseley

Recently I walked our dog Penny with my Partner in Coseley.  We walked along the canal by the train track, this canal goes from Wolverhampton to Birmingham via Coseley and Tipton.  In Coseley the canal goes through a huge tunnel.  I love to watch trains go pass by, I often grew curious as to where they were going to.  Then I noticed there is an app called Network Rail, you can get an app for almost everything these days.  Network Rail app lets you see train routes, ticket information and shows where trains are going and whether they are on time or not. You can see the live progress of the train.

Although I am not an actual trainspotter, I still like trains, when they went on by, I checked the app.  I guess normal train spotters would write down numbers…

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