Christmas 2014 Part-Two


Christmas 2014 Part 2

Christmas on a Budget

We’re now are less than three weeks away to Christmas, unless you are reading this after then it is 1, 2, 3, you get the picture how many days away.  I have got most of my presents for people, my boyfriend has not (typical man).  I have managed to find them from different places but mainly from the bargain or low-priced shops like Home Bargains, B & M and Wilkinson’s, well we all have to save our pennies now a days. Plus you can get some right bargains these days.  Yesterday I looked online on at Amazon for some gift ideas, I did not bother with Black Friday as most of the stuff on there was what people never bought. The single price shops like pound shops and 99p stores are also good for presents like small gift sets and small boxes of chocolates…

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