Google’s Year In Hollywood Search: ‘Frozen,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ JLaw, Robin Williams


Google has issued so many lists today you almost need a search engine to get through them all. We’ve pulled together some of the most pertinent ones for Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry below. There are two kinds of lists here. Ones that are “trending” had incredibly heavy search volume for a short period of time as compared to 2013. The “most searched” or “top” lists had the year’s most total searches, ranked by sheer volume of queries.

The most intensely searched topic of the year was the death of Robin Williams last summer. The most sought-after film and TV lists were topped by Frozen, the Gone Girl trailer, and Game of Thrones, while Jennifer Lawrence topped two lists, most-searched actresses and most-searched person. Jared Leto topped the most-searched actors list in a year when his performance as an AIDS-stricken transvestite prostitute in Dallas Buyers Club won him an Oscar. His Oscar-winning…

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