Vegan Curry Rice and Fries



Photos by myself

Judging from my recipes on here, it might look as though I love sweet desserts more than any other food in the world, but the truth is I absolutely love savory meals. Given the choice to eat a second (or third) helping of a meal or have dessert I’d definitely choose the former every time.

Today’s recipe features a lovely little vegan savory meal I cooked for lunch one day, from the wonderful Nourish & Evolve, another food blog I adore. I’ve only recently started eating clean, and am newly vegetarian, hence numerous vegan food blogs I’ve found have been a huge help to me, and I can’t express how much delight I’ve had cooking new foods for myself and others for the first time. This meal was incredibly well received by my meat-eating family. The sweet potato fries were spicy, tangy and sweet, while the…

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